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                                                                                                                           “THAT'S IT!”
                                                                                    A high level teaching project by Massimo Delle Cese 


It is not so easy looking for a good teacher, you often rely not on the most prepared but simply on the one closest to our place. Internet technology now allows you to have a class with one of the most renowned guitarists, by the comfort of your own home, thus cutting down on travel costs too.

A single lesson is 60 minutes long and you can choose::
- monthly attendance:     1 lesson per month  -   €100,00
- bi-weekly frequency:     2 lessons per month - €160,00 (80€ each)
- weekly frequency:           4 lessons per month - €280,00 (70€ each)
In case of technical problems (Skype, Zoom, internet connection, etc..), the lesson will be recovered together with a special bonus.
Please, pay online and schedule your lesson, you will soon receive a confirmation from our staff.
What you need to start:
SKYPE or ZOOM  are free softwares easy to use and install that will allow you to establish contact to have your lessons.

If you have not yet installed one of them on your computer, activate your free account at www.skype.com or www.zoom.com and download it. Once you have verified the correct functioning of the program, you will be ready. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes in Italian, English or Spanish, according to your language needs. We also remind you that you will need a webcam installed on your PC, to correctly follow the lesson . If your PC already has its own webcam, all you have to do is use it and you are ready to start the lessons! 

It's even better to use MFclassroom , a native online service for music lessons... take a look at https://www.mfclassrooms.com
See you soon!
Massimo Delle Cese



Fill out the form below and leave your data, you will be contacted by our staff and receive the link for the payment and confirmation of your lesson.





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